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Life Coaching can take many forms but the goal is generally the same -- to help minimize unnecessary suffering in your life and create the life you want to live! Life Coaches, like me, guide you to better understanding of what you are doing and why. And then help you determine the steps you want to take as your move forward in your life.

Here at Aim for Greatness, the best way is the simplest way. I offer private one to one coaching, where I help you understand what you have now and then learn how to create what you want. Change and new habits are often difficult and confusing to create. As a life coach, I specialize in helping you understand what is happening in your life and how to create something new and exciting (and also sustainable!) You deserve to feel amazing and love your life -- and I can help you do both!

Let's start by sitting down (via Zoom) and doing a free 45 minute consultation, where you can ask questions and I will help you decide if signing up with me will be helpful for you, given your current concerns and desired results for you life.

What Is Life Coaching?

Who is Coaching For?

Life Coaching is a coach-client relationship, where the client presents concerns, problems and challenges and the coach offers insight and guidance to assist the client in overcoming and thriving in their life!

Life Coaching is for anyone with a human brain! As Aim for Greatness offers Life Coaching, it is for adults who have a desire to create something better for themselves and are ready to try something new.

Confidential and supportive coaching

Exercises and worksheets to challenge the brain

Identify limiting beliefs and how to change them

Experience emotions without being overwhelmed

Fun, personalized sessions, focused on the client's needs


"Betty doesn't pull any punches, but she is gentle and thoughtful with her answers to questions."

"She is an amazing Life Coach. She is professional - on time and respectful of me and my time."

"I was struggling with confidence issues, both with my body and things I've made. Betty was amazing and helped me overcome those by showing me how my thoughts effected my actions!"

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